Moral Distress and Powerlessness – 23rd February 2018

Our Spring 2018 workshop, ‘Moral Distress and Powerlessness’, will take place at the Wivenhoe Sailing Club on Friday 23rd February 2018.

Moral distress is a key concept in nursing and more generally in the context of health care practices. It is the distress experienced by agents who know what the right course of action is but are prevented from taking it by external constraints (material, hierarchical or institutional, for example). Moral distress differs from moral conflict in that there is no dilemma about what to do, but a sense of being powerless to do what one thinks is right. In this workshop, we seek to understand the experience of moral distress, to determine whether/when it is ethically appropriate, and whether faith, hope and love might be of help in dealing with moral distress.

Virtues of Powerlessness? Faith, Love and Hope in a Secular World – 15 & 16 June 2018

Autonomy Summer School 2018

The Ethics of Powerlessnessness team will be taking part in the 2018 Autonomy Summer School from 12-14 July 2018.